Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three year check up

It’s been an entire year since Lexie has seen her Pediatrician. Dr. Meckleburg was quite happy to see Lexie and how well and healthy she is. Though the feeling wasn’t so mutual. Lexie completely came unglued when I had to undress her. Luckily no shots this time around but she did have to get her finger or toe pricked (she chose her toe). And the strange thing was, she didn’t flinch when the nurse pricked her toe. Apparently she was just upset that she had to take off her pretty dress. . . .

This little munchkin has yet to fall below the 90th percentile since birth!

Weight – 36 lbs (90th percentile)

Height – 39” (90 percentile)

A few little fun facts about this cutie three year old:

~She loves anything to do with Disney Princesses

~Little Einsteins is now her new favorite cartoon (beating out Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is HUGE)

~She’s got her Daddy’s major sweet tooth. . .

~loves to color and paint

~playing outside is a must (I think she’s live outside if she could)

~she calls her Ipad her “magazine.”

~is slowly but surely starting to eat more vegetables

~likes to ride in the car with her window down

~loves to sing

~she is such the little caretaker – making sure everyone is ok

~she disciplines her dolls after she herself gets in trouble. . . .

~enjoys hanging out on the weekends with Daddy in the basement

~loves the beach and sand

~enjoys her preschool class and loves her two teachers Miss Julie & Miss Kelly

~very strong-willed and determined. . .

~almost likes getting boo boos so she can wear a princess band aide.

~likes to wear nothing but dresses (if she can)

~Probably has one of the most tender hearts – her sweetness makes me melt!


What a beautiful Easter Day it was!! He is RISEN! It was a gorgeous day to celebrate Jesus’s resurrection.

The three of us got up to go to church. Lexie had a blast in the nursery. Mrs. Denise was there (one of her Mother’s Morning Out teachers). The service was great. We had the pleasure of listening to a live orchestra.

We made a stop to Starbucks on the way home. I’m totally obsessed with their caramel Frappuccino's. After we got home, we looked to see if the Easter bunny had come (we decided to do the Easter basket after church since we went to the 8:30 service). The Easter Bunny spoiled Lexie. He also brought baskets from Papa/SuSu and G’ma/G’Pops. After we played for a while, it was time to go look for some Easter eggs.




Let me just state that Lexie is an Easter egg hunting pro. The first time I hid the eggs, I hid them sort of where you could see them. She scooped up all of them in a matter of seconds. She got mad at me when there were no more eggs to find. So Dave took her to the front yard while I hid the eggs again. I thought I was a little more clever on where I hid them. . . .not the case. The child found them again in a matter of seconds. But it was precious to see her race from one place to another as if she was competing against someone else.


2012 Easter Family Pic. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!

Lexie is THREE!!!



As we were driving in from the beach, we had to stop off at my parent’s house to drop my mom off. Thanks so sweet Papa, he surprised Lexie with an oh so yummy ice cream cake that he had ordered for her! So she got to celebrate her birthday a day early.  

Friday morning (Lexie’s actual birthday), Dave and I were in the kitchen enjoying coffee. Through the monitor, we could hear Lexie singing Happy Birthday to herself while still in bed. It was one of the cutest things to hear! By the way, this was at 9:00 AM. I guess the beach wore her out. She never sleeps past 7:30.

The three of us went to have a fun birthday breakfast at IHOP. It was so fun. She kept telling everyone it was her birthday. Then we left breakfast to run around doing some errands. It was sort of a busy morning. The house cleaners were at our house as well as our annual pest control guy. So we decided to wait until after Lexie’s nap to open gifts. We didn’t realize that she was going to take a three hour nap! It was nearly 4:30 when she woke up! But the minute she woke up, she asked if she could open her presents then. So sweet.


Birthday loot. . . 




Blowing out her THREE candles on the Easter Birthday cake that she picked out herself!

I cannot believe my sweet baby is THREE years old already!!! Where in the world has the time gone? Everyone warned me that the years would fly by, but I never imagined it to go by this quickly!


My sweet and happy birthday princess! She is looking forward to her princess birthday party next Saturday. Pray for good weather because it’s an outdoor event!!!

Spring Break in Destin

Lexie’s school was out for spring break last week. Lexie and I packed up to head down to Destin for a little beach action. We drove to Opelika to grab SuSu for the week. Dave met us down there a couple days later.

We had a wonderful time playing in the ocean and building sand castles and sand birthday cakes. We got a few days of sunny weather. The rest of the days were a bit overcast. But that didn’t stop my little beach baby from having beach fun!


We call this the Tinkerbell move. Lexie runs into Dave’s arms and he swings her high in the air as if she is flying like Tinkerbell.

11991204116411691181 11531063115611321139113012251229125412651276

Is this a water baby or what??? This child LOVES the beach. There was hardly a moment where she wasn’t running back and forth into the water. She wasn’t afraid of the waves at all. BONUS: We got to hang out with my oh so sweet friend Jessica and her daughter Lily (they live 3 floors below my parent’s condo). I’m so sad that Jessica and I don’t like closer. She is such a dear friend.


This might be our last vacation photo of a family of three. . . . Little Charlie will be arriving in about 8 or so weeks. . . .

Easter treats for Lexie’s class

For those of you who don’t know, I’m obsessed with doing cute, little crafts for Lexie and Lexie’s class during special days or holidays. Thanks to Pinterest (which leaves little for creativity – but great for a nearly 8 month pregnant lady who is always tired these days). I did these eggs for Lexie’s Mother’s Morning Out class and teachers. I stuffed the eggs with candy.



Then I did these for Lexie’s preschool class. . . .I’m always looking for ways to incorporate the real meaning of Christmas and Easter (JESUS) with kids’ crafts still making it fun and cute for them to enjoy.


I filled up icing bags with cheetos and tied green pipe cleaners around the top making it look like a carrot. Below is what the card read. I made my own creation instead of directly copying this one.


Friday, March 2, 2012

The Wonderful World of Disney. . . . .

Warning, this might be a long post. I tried to keep it as short as possible. . .

We just returned from an oh-so fabulous trip to Walt Disney World! It was Lexie’s first time. I was a little worried that she wasn’t quite old enough but that worry faded away quick. She LOVED every minute of it. Papa and SuSu also went with us. The five of us all had such a wonderful time.

From the days leading up to departing for WDW, Lexie would wake up asking if it were the day she was going to see Cinderella’s castle. The day we left was a big day for her. She woke up more excited than on Christmas morning. She got to ride in a bus, train, airplane, limo, and boat all in one day!! Talk about excitement. She did great with all the traveling.

on the way to WDW!

Playing with SuSu on the way to WDW!!!


Lexie’s first pin the hotel gave her.

We stayed at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. A fabulous resort! If you get a chance to go to WDW, I highly suggest either staying at the Grand Floridian or having dinner there. One of Lexie’s favorite things about the hotel was it sat on the monorail. Lexie enjoyed watching/riding on the “choo choo.” The hotel was in the perfect location for us. We were one monorail stop away from the Magic Kingdom.


“Yay! I’m at WDW and finally going to see Cinderella’s castle!”


On the monorail to meet Mickey and friends!

The first night we arrived, we had dinner reservations for Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort. It was a great way to start off the trip. Lexie got to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy. She was a little shy towards them but I could tell she was having a grand time.


After dinner, we didn’t think Lexie could stand to wait until the next day to see Cinderella’s castle. So we stopped by the Magic Kingdom to get a quick glimpse of Cinderella’s home before it was time to go to bed.


Before we left Atlanta, I had packed a few things to surprise Lexie each day with. Thursday morning we got up and I gave Lexie her first gift. It was a Sleeping Beauty dress that she could wear to the castle


She was excited to have a new princess dress (little did I know she was about to get another one. . . .).

After breakfast we went straight to the Magic Kingdom for Lexie’s appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. A place where Lexie officially becomes a princess. It is the neatest thing for your daughter to do while at WDW, especially if she is obsessed with the princesses. The girls get to go inside the castle and pick out what dress, shoes, crown, and wand she wants to wear. She has the option to mix and match (for instance Lexie chose all Belle stuff except for the shoes. She wanted Aurora shoes). Once she picked out her attire, she is led back to a dressing room to change into her princess gown (btw, the whole attire was included in the price – meaning Lexie got to go home with a new dress, shoes, crown, and wand. And these were the nice dresses, not the cheapo ones). Then the hair and nails are done. The final touches is when a fairy godmother sprinkles dust on and turns the little girls into princesses. Too cute!


What Lexie got to choose from.


Princess Belle admiring herself in the mirror.

After hitting the park with a little action, we took a break and had lunch back at the Castle. It was so much fun! Lexie got to meet all of the princesses!

cinderella and castle

Meeting the lady of the castle for the first time!


Lexie loved getting to meet Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, and Belle (though Lexie didn’t care for Belle’s attire. She wanted to see her in her yellow “fancy” dress like the one Lexie was wearing). Lexie also really liked Cinderella’s stairs in her castle.

Later that evening, we had dinner at a delicious restaurant, Citricos, that also just happened to be in our hotel.


This diva was ready for dinner

When we got back to the room, the turn down service had put Lexie’s Snow White doll to bed with Lexie’s “blanky.” Lexie thought it was so cute. She kept going in the room to check on Snow White (I have a feeling she’s going to be a good help when Charlie comes along). 222a219a

Checking on Snow white and giving her a night night kiss.

Once Lexie went to bed, my parents said they were pretty tired as well and would be happy to watch Lexie. So Dave and I decided we’d go back over to the MK by ourselves. It was nice to walk around at our own pace. We went back to the hotel, got ice cream and watched the fireworks from our hotel patio. So fun!

The next morning, Lexie had a tea party on the schedule. It was called My Disney Girl’s Perfectly Princess tea party with Aurora. This happened to be at our hotel as well. So it was nice to be able to sleep in a bit and not have to dash to get somewhere. Dad and Dave didn’t seem to interested in going, so my Mom and I took Lexie. I’m glad the guys didn’t

tea party

This is a list of the things that were included at the tea party

go – they would have been bored out of their minds. We ladies had a lovely time! Lexie got to see Aurora again along with getting to take home an Aurora doll! After the tea party, all the little princesses got to do a little parade through the lobby.


Lexie with the other princesses. They introduced “princess Alexa”, sprinkled her with rose petals, and gave her a pretty tiara.


How adorable was this set up?


My little princess enjoying her first “real” tea party with her new doll, Aurora along with the other princesses she brought.


It could be my pregnant self, but that princess cake they served as dessert had to be one of the best cakes I’ve ever had. I’m drooling just thinking about it. Aurora is one of Lexie’s favorite princesses so she was extremely happy to see her again. This one was so sweet and Lexie seemed to really like her. There is one pic where Lexie tried to give her a kiss – this is huge. Lexie doesn’t go around giving out kisses (unless we ask her to give a kiss). So she must have really liked this Aurora. I kept saying that this Aurora looked like the “real” Aurora (what ever that means).


A little water action/break at the hotel pool with Papa and Daddy. The big splash is Papa flying out of the slide.


We traveled long and far to Norway to eat at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. Again, Lexie got to see her new friends again, the princesses!


Lexie’s favorite princess. . . .Belle! I love this pic of Lexie. She seemed almost star struck by Belle.

belle and family

Family photo of the family with Belle.



After dinner, we walked around the world. . . .We visited Morocco to look for Jasmine & Aladdin. We heard that they like to hang out there. But unfortunately they weren’t there.


Lexie loved the giant topiaries of Cinderella and Prince Charming.


One worn out princess. . . . .(she was sleeping with the lights and TV on. . . )

Our last full day, we went over to the Animal Kingdom to have breakfast with Donald and the gang at the Tusker House.


Lexie had fun playing with Donald.


Safari Daisy!285a

Lexie finally got to meet Daisy. She had been talking about her the entire trip. So I’m glad that Daisy was at the Breakfast.



Lexie playing with Mickey’s nose.


Dave and I even got some Mickey love.

We toured AK for the rest of the morning. I must admit that AK is my least favorite park. Call me crazy. It’s so much like a zoo with rides. I sort of hated to waste time there when we have a membership to the zoo here in Atlanta. Though Lexie thoroughly enjoyed the safari ride. I’m just not a huge fan. Last time I was at WDW, I remember thinking the same thing.

For our last night at WDW, we had dinner at the California Grill (at the top of the Contemporary Resort). The food was excellent, as well as the service and views. We found out that if you have dinner there, save your receipt and they will let you back up to watch the Magic Kingdom’s and/or Epcot’s nightly fireworks on any of their three observation decks. Something to keep in mind for next time.


What an oh so fabulous trip to WDW!! We are already looking forward to our next visit. Thanks to Papa and SuSu for being so wonderful and taking such wonderful care of our little sweet pea! She loves you dearly!!

On a side note, here are a few t-shirts I did for Lexie to wear on the trip. disney shirts

Cinderella, Minnie, and Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)